I have never really been a 'perfume' type of girl. I'm not a big fan of many of the popular scents on the market and quite frankly the thought of paying £30+ on a glorified bottle of scented water terrifies me. Its no secret that today's perfume market is a consumerism playground of overpriced, celebrity endorsed bottles at extortionate prices, but sometimes it is seriously hard to resist those brightly coloured bottles and enticing advertisements however much your mind knows they are complete rip offs!

I actually only own 3 full sized perfumes (the other is Britney Spears Fantasy from my tween obsession with her!), and a fair few mini/tester sizes which I seem to accumulate over time from work or as Christmas presents. Here are my 3 favourite scents...

Joop! Thrill, Paco Robanne Lady Million, Ghost Deep Night

Joop! Thrill was actually given to me at work as a Christmas present, and with its gaudy pink packaging and sweet scent it was an instant hit! I wont attempt to identify the heart or base notes in these fragrances for fear of completely embarrassing myself with my lack of perfume knowledge, but I do know this is a lovely, strong floral scent, which is also reasonably cheap (£15 for 50ml) so is most definitely a favourite with me!

The small moon shaped bottle in the picture is in fact a small 10ml version of Ghost Deep Night which was previously my all time favourite perfume! Its a strong, night time scent which I have millions of sample sizes of from Boots Christmas gift sets!

Out of the three, Paco Robanne Lady Million is an outright favourite for me but at £30 for 30ml it is also the least cost efficient for my bank balance, so this is saved only for the most special of occasions. The smell however is to die for, strong and luxurious but still light enough to wear during the day.

After a little googling I have discovered all my favourite scents are actually floral scents- apparently I'm a floral sort of girl!

An honourable mention also goes to my Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Spray which is the perfect light, soft scent to wear on days when I just cannot justify wasting a £2 squirt of perfume but want to smell sweet. And for only £3 in Boots this is a lovely everyday scent!

What's your all time favourite perfume?!


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