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Here it is, the typed copy of my Q&A with Richard Huber. Enjoy, and feel free to post your feedback!

1. Does fluorescent/halogen lighting worsen melasma/hyperpigmentaton?

"It's a definite maybe"
Only with a lot of exposure (like a years worth), But darkening in pigmentation would be the least of your concerns. That much exposure would create lesions on the DNA that could be fairly major; Wrinkling or aggravating skin cancers or auto immune function.
In practical situations the worse that would happen would be damage from the heat not necessarily the light. Fluorescent lighting doesn't do a lot.

2. In terms of melasma or uneven patches, can one use the 302 self-tanner gel to darken lighter (normal) skin coloration to better match the hyperpigmented areas?

Too artistic, and too much room for migration of product that would result in less than the desired effect. This client would be Better off with a professional permanent makeup artist, who is used to blending vitiligo or other discolorations.

3. When/will a 302 shampoo and lash serum will be developed?

He's "Studiously stayed away from hair care and makeup," focusing on skin and pharmaceuticals. He wants to focus on one subject matter for 302 as to not get side tracked or end up as the jack of all trades but master of none.

4. When will your book will come out? (the one he's talked about for 3 years now)

It didn't sound like a book was coming. Possibly A documentary following 302, and possibly a write up. He's Waiting to see some activity that's really worth talking about. More likely collaborations, in which he asked the collaborators be kept anonymous. Possible word of neurological applications for studies.

5. What is the longest timeframe that anybody has used 302 continuously (that you are aware of)?

7 years, as far as he is aware. Client is about 50, was a sun worshiper, and she "looks really good." She uses less and less the longer she uses it. "Less is more the longer you use it"

6. Are their any new products we can be looking forward to down the line?

Aside from the pharmaceuticals, based on the feedback from us Esthy's they are expanding the Rx line based on essential oil and gluten intolerant customers (I was excited about this, being I'm gluten intolerant). Something for gum tissue is in the works. He joked about "avodent". A current focus is radically expanding the supply based on demand. 302 is Being used as a pre and post laser treatment by a lot of Dermatologists who are throwing Obagi out the window.

7. What are your thoughts for 302 and Galvanic current? Obviously galvanic requires water based serums, but would it effectively get the Avogen to where it needs to be in then skin?

He's seen a lot of successful use of Galvanic for face lifting & toning. He said he's seen dramatic results with Galvanic at high outputs/voltage. We didn't think my Galvanic unit had that high of an out put for the dramatic lifting effect, but he did say it would heat the skin and penetrate the 302. Basically, getting the skin to heat to 115-120 degrees is the main point

8. What are your thoughts on Dermarolling or Needling scar tissue?

He was In favor of it, but you need to pick your targets correctly. Depth, is important. Not for anyone sensitized or with medication issues.

For Scarring, texture, cross linked texture, after the skin is softened with 302, at a frequency of once a month, starting at a shallow depth. Thought it could be very dangerous for consumer use, due to bad judgement and lack of training. Not good for people with crepe paper thin skin.

Recommended only 302 compound when rolling, not A or C. It's about cellular metabolism more so than collagen. He said there is All this talk about collagen, when washing your face alone starts collagen. Sustainable protein production is the desired goal. Rolling can increase collagen or protein production but it's not sustainable or "real". It's a defensive shield, or an effect brought on by localized trauma. He was very adamant about people using rollers under supervision, as a latter resort, and not after the recent action of any peels, or other treatments such as lasers.

9. Do you think needling has any place as an anti-aging treatment?

"About just as much as a slap." we both laughed about that comment for a good 10 minutes. He went on to saying that it does create collagen production, and recommended it more for scarring. He said most trauma to the skin will increase collagen production, as a healing response.

10. What kind of supplements, if any, would you recommend as part of an anti-aging regimen to be partnered with 302?

The new 302 pharmaceutical supplement will be an excellent aid for scarring, even at low dosages. There were a lot of other antioxidant and skin benefits (as well as possible anti-cancer benefits) however to easier get it into the hands of the consumer they will only be claiming it helps with scarring. The Projected date is June.
Orally as a supplement vs topically in Skincare it takes so much less of the Avogen. He said even 50mg of the supplement form brings on great results.
Drops & serum have a 3% concentration of the avogen.

He did add in that many factors, immune system, etc., Play a role in the results seen.
With Woman, B vitamins are a big issue in Skincare. A lot of Woman taking too many supplements are causing more harm than necessary. The B vitamins can be used as an aging component, but she should try them individually for about 3 days at the RDA and see if there is any mood change as they take them. Irritability or mood change would indicate a certain toxic response. B vitamins have the potential to do very well, or very poor.
Big fan of Wheat grass tablets. (he didn't ellaborate, because I went off on a tangent about chlorophyll and green smoothies, which he seemed to enjoy)
He also spoke of Melatonin (in small doses) to knock down skin inflammation.

11. By what kind of process is the avogen extracted? Heat extraction, cold processing?

The fruit is held at temperature for sustained periods of time. This results in persin, which is poisonous to hoofed animals and acid based stomach systems. The persin molecule creates the avogen. Next is getting it into the oil phase. Avocado oil in of itself is toxic to the skin. If you do it in a certain way it will have a fluorescent quality. Then there is a Partition/separation process to eliminate junk, such as waxes in the products. Then you Purify out the triglycerides. Eventually you end up with an 80% pure product, and then For pharmaceutical benefits it must be brought up to 99-98% pure.

12. In using 302, what is the most effective way to regenerate the eye area?

Cook them with ultrasound on continuous mode. "The receptor population is just crap." go heavy with the ultrasound probe at about 2mhz. The next day eyes may be watery or swollen from product migration. The eye area has So little activity, it takes a lot to stimulate change. He spoke of only using 302 drops or Rx drops.

13. How would you recommend incorporating 302 in the treatment of stretch marks?

For Raised stretch marks, most commonly found around the breast, he finds they respond to ultrasound, with 302 Drops, and thenstandard stuff. (A boost to help with blood flow and what not)

For Crepey ones (often appear as shallow silvery tears, and excess skin) is the actual tear - some people use Needling and high heat, but hasn't seen to much improvement. Ultrasound or Needling can work, but he recommends ultrasound first, then turn to Needling. He said even A boost once a week on stretch marks can help make a difference.

Supplemental 302 paired with topical micro current is the next generation of softening and minimizing these kinds of stretch marks. Calming Mist, C boost, or ointment isn't really going to help this. All in all he thinks you'd see more than with ultrasound, and related stretch marks to the treatment of Ice pick scars.

14. What are your thoughts on disincrustation solutions?

MMoisture drops can be used as disincrustation solution, as can moisture drops Rx, and they will successfully soften oil plugs in then skin pre extractions. One could apply the moisture drops as a wash off for 5-10 minutes, and then continue with Ultrasonic exfoliation with a cleanser as your medium for great cleansing results, but it depends on the condition of the skin.

And then the following are random notes and observations I made while talking with Richard.

He was suggesting that for makeup, or any texture on the skin you could use Ointment as "primer." My boyfriend was discussing New York Fashion Week, and how the models have to remove there makeup and have a new makeup applied multiple times daily. Jim (my boyfriend) described this irritated scaley rash a lot of models develop around the eye area, and Richard said ointment would help better than a silicone under eye primer. Ointment has been added to both our makeup kits.

Also, we discussed the 302 Body & Scalp drops, which are my personal ultimate solution for dry patches, eczema, and keratosis pilaris. I use them as a leave on application about 2-3x a week after showering on damp skin. He recommended using them lightly as a pre-shaving oil. Apply the boy and scalp drops (even for men's facial shaving) and then apply shaving creme or even face and body bar foam (which is what I shave with) and shave away with good results. Takes down inflammation and ingrown hairs.

And there you have it. I hope you all find this information as exciting as I did. Richard and I spoke at length about a collaboration for the future, and I will keep you posted as it unfolds.

Stay tuned!

Wishing you great skin,
Danny Vanity


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