I recently received a question on Formspring asking for my advice...

I know that your only 15, do your parents know that you have a blog if so what is there reaction towards it? I'm 14 and I'm thinking of starting one but don't know if my parents will be okay with it.. do you have any advice ?

I thought it was pretty relevant so I'd better post my answer on here...

The truth is my parents don't know about my blog, although this is not because I don't think they would like me having one, but rather I think they would tease me and want to 'get involved' which I avoid wherever I can when it comes to my parents. Your only 14, so I think if you are responsible enough to start your own blog go ahead, but if that is something your parents may be worried about, I suggest you tell them. Explain to them sensibly that you know all about Internet safety and not to post anything too personal. As long as you are 'safe' online, I'm sure your parents will be happy, good luck :)

That's my 'agony-aunting' done for the day :)


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