Apart from make-up, of course, I have one other complete and utter, shameful obsession.

Big Brother

I know, I know, some would say its a load of rubbish, but somehow, every year at summer time (summer- what summer?!) I tell myself, no Hannah, you don't need to get suckered into the world of housemates, nominations and evictions, but to no avail. Every year it lures me in with its big opening nights and terrible tasks, and every year without fail I end up glued to my TV set, desperately waiting for my next fix of my oh so amazing drug- Big Brother.

Of course, this years no different. Sorry for the irrelevant post to my non-English readers, but who else is loving the whole John James-Josie situation at the moment!?! Nothing makes me happier at the moment than spending my evenings watching their cuteness and love. Throw in a bitta Sam Pepper in his Ninga outfit and you've got yourself first class TV!

I've slightly fallen in love with John-James and his gorgeous Australian accent, however Josie is the one I'm routing for to go all the way and win the title of winner of Big Brother 11. I don't actually know what I'm going to do with myself when the series ends, oh dear, its probably not a very healthy obsession- hehe!

Is any one else slightly obsessive about Big Brother? And who's looking forward to ULTIMATE BIG BROTHER! I'm routing for Brian Belo, my favourite housemate of all time!

Sorry to all my lovely over-seas readers who this doesn't really apply too, I'll do some better posts soon, I promise!!

Josie to Win!!


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