Oh yes, its that time again. The time where shops turn into classrooms, parks turn into text books and minutes turn into long, dragged out hours.

Oh yes, summers over, school here I come!

Many of you may have returned to school already, but I start back at the dreaded building next Monday, like many of the other schools in England. Summer always seems to go way too fast, and although at the beginning of my 6 week holiday I made a vow this was going to be the best Summer ever, I very much doubt I've fulfilled this promise. However, its time to turn off my lazy, summery self and switch into geeky school Hannah! ;)

My school is pretty strict on the old uniform front, even going so far as to ban makeup, shock horror!

Of course, me being the makeup addict that I am, there are always ways around this little problem. I know, I'm a rebel, tee hee! The teachers are extremely strict on uniform, although with makeup not so much, Ive only ever been caught out twice in my 4 years at the school. Here's what I wear, makeup wise, most days to school...

Excuse the pyjama top, it was a lazy day :)

I'm wearing...
ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
ELF Warm Bronzer
Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud
Benefit Eye Bright in inner corner, waterline and on brow bone
Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara
Miss Sporty Eyeliner Pencil in Brown on the very outer corner and smudged under eye
Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom

The key to having undetectable makeup at school is using everything in moderation. My top tips are...

♥ Use tinted moisturiser instead of foundation for a lighter coverage and a less noticeable base. Blend well and in particular get a perfect colour match to your skin, so it looks virtually undetectable. And if all else fails, claim its a moisturiser, not makeup!

 ♥ Dust a sparing amount of a matte bronzer and/or blush to warm up your skin tone and make you look more awake in the mornings.

♥ Step away from the sparkles! Nothing is more noticeable than when you look like Edward Cullen walking down the corridors!

♥ If you have blonde hair, possibly try a brown mascara. Blonde eyelashes are always noticeable when coated in black mascara, but brown is a more subtle and natural way to achieve gorgeous eyes!

♥ Curl your eyelashes to open your eyes and look more awake.

♥ Use a light reflecting concealer to make you look more awake after those early mornings.

♥ Use a pale pink/pale yellow/ white liner in your water line and inner corners to brighten up your eyes and smudge a small amount of brown liner on the very outer corner of your eyes to make them darker and smokier. To look like you have thicker lashes, line your top waterline with black liner, but not the bottom, as that's pretty bam in your face makeup.

A quick rant...
How does makeup affect my learning!?!?! Arghh! Who are my teachers to say that I can't wear makeup when most of the girls at my school feel ugly and insecure without it. Makeup is a form of self expression and art and should not be stopped, it should be celebrated. My school seems to care more about my appearance than my education... Bad times...
Rant over :)

Whats your schools policy on makeup, and do you have any other tips for undetectable makeup? :)

This is a scheduled post, as I'm on holiday at the moment, so apologies if I don't get back to you straight away...


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