Finally, after months of lusting, complaining, nail biting and depressed roams around the ELF website, finally, the ELF Powder Brush is back in stock! Finally!

Of course, after hearing the news that the brush that is coveted by so many and never, ever seems to be in stock, was, shock horror, actually available, I hot footed it over to the website and speed shopped, not letting anything get in the way of me and my new favourite brush! Of course along the way of filling up my basket I seemed to pick up endless things that I want need, and ended up with a shocking £42.50 worth of bits and bobs in my basket! Whoops.

But hey ho, all of my goodies are on their way to me in the post at this very moment, so be expecting a rather humongous ELF haul in the coming days!

Have you ordered anything from ELF, if so, whattcha think?? :)


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