Many of us are obsessed with the length of our locks. We can be so engrossed in having long hair that we forget to properly care for it. A woman can have hair to her waist, yet the last two inches of that marvelous length are riddled with split and dry ends! The key to long hair is in healthy hair. If we can get over our obsession with length and focus on the condition of our mane, we’d have tresses down to our calves! Listed below are a few key steps necessary in maintaining a great head of hair.

Does it seem like your hair just stops growing after a point? It's probably because you're not trimming it. Regular trims actually encourage hair growth. They also help you ward off split ends while you are growing.

The right frequency of a trim varies. Non-chemically treated hair in better than average condition only requires a trim about two or three times a year. However, hair that is color treated or relaxed requires a little more maintenance - A trim should be done about every six to eight weeks. Based on the condition of your hair it’s usually best to check with your stylist.


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