Oh yes ladies, I seem to have come over all français today. Which is really rather inappropriate considering I dropped studying French 2 years ago after studying for 3 years and not knowing one word, and my Spanish GCSE mocks are in 10 weeks! 10 weeks!!!! Arghh, its all coming so fast!

But anywhoo, back to today's post...
I love my booot-iful new winter biker booties! Or as I like to call them- Tramp Boots :)

♥ ♥ ♥

My, ahem, 'artistic' photography ↑↑
They are just sooo pretty and grey and well... just.... so downright perfect!!

And my perfect winter boots only cost £25 from New Look! Wooo whooo!!
No breaking the bank for me today, however it looks like my new obsession with internet shopping is going to cost me a fair few pounds. Uh oh...
Have a good week girls!


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