As you can see from my many, many ELF product hauls and posts I'm a bit of an ELF addict, and of course, today is no different. I've got a little haul for you, which is by no means as mahooosive as my previous hauls, as it only dented my bank balance by £8, hurrahhh!

The main reason for my order was to get a new Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter from the studio range as I've just run out of my old one, and realised I just couldn't live without it.

Of course, while ordering this I had a great excuse to pick up a few bits I'd been lusting after for a while...

ELF Shadow Brush (£1.50)
This little beauty has been recommended to me many a time and I have to say it really is a lovely brush for its tiny price tag. Although some of the bristles are slightly harsh, there is little to no fallout and it is perfect for packing on colour or even to blend it out! Definitely a fantastically cheap buy with good results- go for it!

ELF Lipstick in Classy (£1.50)
To tell the truth, I'm not exactly 'keen' on this lipstick. The formula is a bit mehh, and does not compare to ELF's range of beautiful mineral lipsticks, of which I own 3. The colour just isn't me, a bright blue toned pink, not quite as barbie pink as it appears in the picture. It just doesn't suit my yellow toned skin and almost looks a little like 'granny' lipstick to me, i.e. settles into lines and dries out your lips. Not a winner for me I'm afraid, but hey, for £1.50 who can complain!?

ELF Individual Lash Kit (£1.50)
I haven't had a chance to get to grips with these yet, but I brought them as it seems I am a false lash virgin! I'm waiting for a special occasion to whip these out and get fluttery lashes and I can't wait!

And while I'm at it, here's a few tings I picked up from Avon in an effort to heal my poor damaged hair...

Bodifying Foam (£2.50 on sale)
Not impressed with this one. I find it makes my hair a little sticky and crunchy and not particularly volumised as it claims. However, I have not used this product enough to totally disregard it.

Dry Ends Serum (£2.50 on sale)
This lovely serum makes my hair look shiny and soft when applied to the ends, but beware of putting it too close to the roots, looking like you plunged your head into grease is never a good look!

Reconstructive Mask (£3.00 on sale)
This reconstructive mask can just be viewed really as a thick conditioner, but it does make my hair noticeably softer and a little shinier when using it. However I used this product the week after I had tried my Tresemme Deep Conditioner, and this product really is disappointing after you have used that. If you would be interested in a full comparison of these two conditioners pop in a comment down below... :)

That's it for my hauling lately! Have a good week girlie's!


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