Many a time over the last few years have I heard the term 'Lush-a-holic' used as part of a blogger's sentence, and every time I heard that phase I wondered just what was the big deal about LUSH?!
My inexperienced brain just couldn't get my head around why people would get excited over shower gel, dizzy over soap and ballistic over bath bombs?

Until now.

Now it seems that every time I read a blog devoted to the legend that is Lush or watch a rave all about the infamous shop, my longing to own one off their elusive products heightens. It was only recently that this Lush-mania came over me, and now it seems that every day I am clicking through their website, sifting through reviews, looking for that perfect Lush product to quench my Lush thirst. 

The sad thing is, I have yet to actually try anything.

I know, I know, what an absolute travesty! For months now I have been walking past Lush in my local shopping center, not taking a blind bit of notice, but now it has me drooling at the windows, ready to buy buy buy. But I must restrain myself, there's a recession on you know!

OK, so the recession may be over, but my money worries are far from gone. As we approach Christmas (which is precisely 62 days away, eeek!), I find myself scraping the very last pennies from the bottom of my, to be frank, extremely light purse, just to purchase that perfect winter accessory I want need.

So back to the point, I just can't afford to let myself loose in Lush, however amazing it smells or however luring those multicoloured bath bombs are. I have to restrain myself and wait for Christmas, when I promise myself a treat and a free pass in Lush.

However this self imposed spending ban doesn't count for window shopping right? So here's a few of my most lusted after Lush items...

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Of course, Lush's best selling product although its only on sale for 3 months a year, I have to have this. What can I say? I'm a glitter-fiend!
Lush Twilight Bath Ballistic

Anything with the name twilight I am almost certain to love.
Lush Fresh Farmacy

Spots be gone (hopefully) with this gorgeous cleanser!
Lush Charlotte Island Body Tint

Because in winter we all need a bit of a glow!

Comforter Bubble Bar

...and we all need a little extra comfort during those winter months :)

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Do any of you lovely ladies have any lush-tastic recommendations for me when I finally make my first order?!?


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