This video (like the title says) is to show you guys how to achieve a casual look, NOT those super crazy anime hair.
If you also have thick and straight hair, this will help you the best.
Hair product:
In the video I used Gatsby grey color hair wax and finished with TresEmme Extra Hold Hair spray. I know Gatsy seems to be the coming leader of asian hairstyling product but there's no harm to try other hairstyling product. Other than wax, you could try putty or even the old school gel. I find gel gives a really nice shine great for special occasions. Putty can do great for that messed up look. 

Experience can be the key here.

The haircut plays an important role in hairstyling. Asian hairstyles tend to have many layers so when you go for a haircut, you should ask for layers. You may want to bring a picture of a haircut you would like to have. Don't expect to look exactly the same as the superstar in your picture. We all have different face shapes, head shapes and hair textures. If you don't know what would be good on you, just ask the hairstylist, he/she will give you suggestions.
Most of time, you probably look better than you think you look. 


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