Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share the exciting news that 302 Travel Sizes are Now Available!

The Cleansers, Moisturizers, Mists, SPF’s, Self Tanners, and Rx Products are now available in 2 ounce bottles for convenience and value.

**edited to add: Since all the treatment/topical products are already 1oz concentrates, they are not available in different sizes.

Great for vacations, or just the convenience of being able to keep a little Calming Mist in your purse for that mid-day refresher. (or if you're me, you pretty much spray yourself all day long) Also, it's a good opportunity to try things, because sometimes the samples are just too small to tell.

I'm going to New Orleans in March, and I'm excited to get myself travel sizes of Sensitive Cleanser, Calming Mist, SPF-30, Self Tanner, and Body Treatment: Intensive! It'll save so much room in my luggage, and I'll have everything I need.

If anyone wants to order travel sizes, or any 302 Products, as always you can contact me directly at Danmakeup@gmail.com :)

Wishing you great skin!
Danny Vanity

P.S. I'm one week into my 302 Vacation, using just Cleansers, Mists and Rx: Ointment, and my skin actually looks great! I think it needed a rest from topicals, and I'm getting increasingly excited as I get closer to my Dermastamping session!


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