Hi everyone,

I was posting about a supplement assignment on my school's Online Education Forum, and realized my supplementing has changed since the last time I've posted it here, just as a result of my needs changing and a lot because I've done much more research into supplements I should be taking. Just wanted to post it here to, for all to read.

Hi again everyone!

I'm big on supplementing, either in the pill form or making sure I am eating/drinking certain things routinely to get the supplemental benefits. Currently:

First thing in the morning (with my green tea) I take:
New Chapter: Probiotics Colon Formula
MSM (Just finished the Jarrow Brand, and picked up a 365 Everyday Whole Foods brand)
Solaray Nattokinase and Serrapeptase (this is a newer supplement for me, recommended by a colleague based on research that the enzymes from these ingredients help with scar tissue. I have some very minor acne scars that I'm treating in my own skincare practice, so it seemed worth a shot. For more information on this here is some reading: http://www.healthiertalk.com/enzymes-fibrosis-scars-keloids-lung-disease-and-cancer-2118)

After noon, I take my second round. Which consists of:
New Chapter: Every Man's Once a Day
more MSM

And at dinner time, I take:
Another New Chapter: Priobiotic Colon (it's recommeneded to take 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night)
more MSM

And after/during Dinner I take
New Chapter: Wholemega - EFA, Omega 3's
New Chapter: Bone Support - I don't eat dairy so I am concerned about Calcium, and I have tooth issues (suspected from my Gluten allergy before I figured out this allergy, as it supposedly causes tooth damage as a result of inflammation)

I also recently started brewing my own Kombucha again, for the digestive enzymes and acids that help clean your body. I learned how to brew it really easy from www.getkombucha.com

I also take Enzymedica - Digest with lunch and dinner, to help with digestion. I have fresh fruit and a Green Smoothie for breakfast, so I don't take digestive enzymes in the morning. They're expensive so I save them for when I need them more. smile

It sounds like a lot, but I like to spread out dosages, and if something is 2 pills once a day I don't like to take them in once sitting. Also, with MSM the idea is to work yourself up from 1000mg a day up to as much as 10,000mg a day, and I currently take about 5000mg, as I am not interested with many more pills than I already take. Haha.

I tend to be a little forgetful about the Wholemega, but I also make a point to have Salmon once a week or so, so I know I'm getting a decent supply of Omega 3s and such. I don't eat a whole lot of meat otherwise.

I really like the New Chapter brand because everything is cold processed (Raw) and the ingredients seem really high quality and I can even take the Multi on an empty stomache without any discomfort. The ingredients are all cultured from Whole food sources, and the probiotics are formulated to withstand the intestinal tract so the happy bacteria survives and makes it to where it needs to go. A friend of mine is the regional for the East Coast of New Chapter (he actually went to IIN, and highly recommended the program) and was more than happy to explain to me why the New Chapter supplements are worth the money and I agree.

I'd love to hear what kinds of supplements everyone else is taking. Anyone experimenting with home ferments as supplements?



After two weeks of no 302 Topicals, waiting patiently, it's time to shower, shave, take some before pictures, and Document my first ever Skin stamping!!

-nervous heartbeat- Stay tuned!

Wishing you all great skin,
Danny Vanity


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