Dermot Mulroney hairstyle
Dermot Mulroney is better known for his acting skill rather than his singing talent. An American actor of Irish descent, Dermot Mulroney has acting in his genes as his mother was an amateur actress. His kitty is brimming with many successful movies including the leading man role in My Best Friend's Wedding beside Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.
Born on October 31, 1963, Dermot Mulroney played the cello while he was in school and took part in children's community theater. He made his stage debut in a frightful play called Are Teachers Human? However, most of his lead performances have been in romantic comedy movies. But Dermot Mulroney is possibly best known for his roles as outlaw or gunman. Mulroney’s performance in the movie The Last Outlaw has become a cult classic amongst western genre fans. However, he first achieved critical praise for the film Longtime Companion. Mulroney also acted in the TV sitcom, Friends and lent his voice for the movie Green Lantern Hal Jordan in 2007. He has tremendous inclination for music too and was formerly a band member of "The Low & Sweet Orchestra". He now plays in a band named "Cranky George Trio". Dermot Mulroney played cello in the song Place Your Mind sung by Melissa Etheridge for the album Never Enough and in the score to Mission: Impossible III).
Dermot Mulroney hairstyle
  Dermot Mulroney looked cool with his great haircut. The hairdo lent him a composed and collected at the 22nd American Cinematheque Awards. His back and sides of his hair were cut short and blended well into the top section of his hair. To soften his style his top layers were sliced and gave him a look that is quite easy to maintain.


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