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I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I keep getting emails from people saying they've read the things I've posted prior and they'd like to hear more, and I am happy to oblige!

So, as many of you know, and some may not, after you've been using 302 Skincare for a significant length of time it is advised you take a '302 Vacation' - The reason for this is to prevent skin receptor fatigue, so that your products keep giving you the same great results. It's like when you have a glass of wine everyday for a significant length of time, eventually it takes more than one glass to catch a buzz (sorry for the bad analogy, but this has been the best way I've explained it to most clients thus far!) so you end up drinking two or three glasses of wine to get the same effect. But, if you abstain for it for awhile, one glass of wine will do the trick again. This is exactly how a 302 Vacation works, take away the actives for a few weeks and when they are reintroduced, you will generally notice a significant increase in desired results, because the skin was given a chance to rest. When started up with Actives again after my last vacation I definitely noticed an improvement in the coloration of my bigger scar within about 2 weeks. It's pretty awesome!

Recently, I was talking via Email to a dear friend of mine (boski from the EDS forum for those of you that are lucky enough to know her!) and we were discussing how amazing 302 is in that it continuously provides results when used correctly.

We got ourselves on the topic of Dermarolling, and the Dermastamp. For those of you who don't know, Dermarolling/stamping is a procedure that uses tiny needles (generally .25mm in width, and anywhere from .1-2.0mm in length) to induce collage production, break up scar tissue, and increase circulation and product penetration, amongst other things. I will go onto more depth about this very soon.

After 2.5 years (or so) my breakouts are still non-existent, besides the occasional clogged pore, my scars are lighter and significantly smoother, but progress on the scar diminishing has seemed to halt a little bit.

So what does this mean? 302 VACATION AND DERMASTAMPING, BABY!

My plans are to take a 2 week vacation from any and all 302 Actives, which means just rotating cleansers as is normal, and Calming Mist and Ointment. After this two week period I am going to create an elaborate documentation of the Dermastamp process with pictures for us all to look at. I'm very excited.

I intend at this time, after my 2 week vacation is up, to take pictures of the Dermastamp (which I will explain more about) and before pictures up close of the remaining 3 scars I have, and a slight line between my brows created from squinting and migraines. I then intend to stamp them with a 1.5mm stamp about 15-20 times per area. The Dermastamp is nice because you don't have to treat the whole face, just isolated areas. Then I will reintroduce 302 Actives for the first time, which will really get the scar repair process into high gear. And we will have documented pictures. I will probably do a series of Ultrasound treatment afters the initial Dermastamp procedure has healed properly, but I will document it all so you won't miss a beat!

One month after that I will re-post after pictures, so we can all comment and gauge the effectiveness of Dermastamping RAISED scars, as my scars are not typical ice pick or box acne scars. At this time I will also decide if another treatment with the dermastamp will be necessary.

I know this post was kind of brief, but I just wanted to let you know what my skin was up to and to give you a taste of what is to come. I promise very soon (within the next few days) I will do a more in-depth post on the Dermarolling and Dermastamp before I embark on this new journey.


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