Hi Everyone,

I finally did it, and I took pictures to document it. As I have been posting, today marked the end of my 302 Vacation. I took a vacation to prepare my skin for my first session of using my Dermastamp. I used a 1.5mm stamp from www.owndoc.com to stamp 3 raised scars, the slight lines between my eyebrows and on my forehead, but let's start for the beginning.


This was my breakfast. I know it sounds a little much for some of you, but they actually taste really good. In light of the fact the dermastamping or rolling does create a healing response, your body needs good energy and healthy blood to react as best as possible. Chlorophyll in green smoothies amongst numerous other health and digestive benefits, helps give your body a healthy supply of blood to nourish your skin. This particular one was Kale, Banana and Mango. Mmm. So I drank that bad larry before showering and and shaving (I used 302 Face and Body Bar as shaving cream, works great) so that the heat of showering could soften my skin and so I wouldn't have any facial hair to blur the pictures.


This is a picture of the "Triple Threat Combo" and the Dermastamp in it's sealed tube. After the rolling procedure I mixed the following 3 302 Actives together (which normally is a No-no, but is beneficial when Rolling or Stamping)

A-Boost - a .75% Retinol with 6% Retinyl Palmitate suspended in a mixture of plant lipids and jojoba oil. (http://www.302skincare.com/products_hc-aboost.html)

C-Boost - an 8% Tetrahexyldecylascorbate solution, suspended in plant lipids and jojoba oil. THDCA is an alkaline form of Vitamin C that doesn't have the rapid degradation or skin irritation as often occurs with pure ascorbic acid when applied topically. (http://www.302skincare.com/products_hc-cboost.html)

302 High Potency Drops - Which are no longer available, so I am saving what little I have left for treatments like this. This is a higher potency concentrate of the 302 (Avogen) Molecule, in it's pharmaceutical strength. When I resume using actives, I will be using 302 Drops again.

The skin needs vitamins A & C for the repair process after Dermarolling, so that's what I gave it. With some 302, because I really wanted to work the actives into the skin together right after the Stamp had been used on the scars.


Here is the dermastamp outside of the tube, in its sterile sealed bag.


Here is just a before picture, and you can see the two dots near my cheek and chin that are two of the raised scars I am going to stamp. The other one is similar on the other side. Skin doesn't look to bad for not using any products for two weeks. The picture is a little out of focus which was a bummer, I think probably from the steam of the shower. But you can noticeably see the scars in the pictures after the actual stamping treatment.


This is the picture taken immediately after the stamping. I started on the biggest scar, and gently pressed the stamp into the scar. It didn't hurt, but I could feel it, and I heard at a few points a faint crackling noise, which I assume is scar tissue being punctured. So exciting! I stamped the three scars, 15 times each. The area between my eyebrows and the line on my forehead I stamped 15 times per area the size of the stamp. The fore head was the most tender, but it still didn't bother me at all. Do you like my head piece? Haha.


Here you can see the area stamped and the scar on the left side of my cheek. You can see it's a little red from the stamping.


And here is the after treatment shot for the two scars on the right side of my face, and you can see the redness on the forehead aswell. I actually was surprised that the bigger scar bled as much as it did, it was only pin-pricks of blood, but It still accumulated. I was surprised it seemed so painless to me.

And that was my first adventure with the Dermastamp. I will definitely post a picture in 4 weeks time to see how much progress on the visibility of the scars and then evaluate if I will do another Dermastamping treatment in the future. I'm only going to be applying 302 Recovery Minerals tomorrow, and not resume regular use of actives until the redness subsides. I'll keep you posted on any peeling or anything like that. I'm also going to document the 6 week series of Ultrasound treatments I will be doing after I am all healed from the Dermastamping (probably starting next week) as to allow heat from the Ultrasound to help speed up the smoothing of the scars, and help push collagen production even further. I'll probably use 302 Drops or A-Boost during these treatments.

Anyway, thanks for checking in on my first Dermastamping. I'll post something else good soon :)

Wishing you all great skin,
Danny Vanity


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