Finally, my free benefit lipstick came!
After waiting more than 6 weeks for this (grrrr so slow) today finally the postman delivered!

I got this free through the amazing giveaway that flake is doing, 1 million free lipsticks/glosses to be given away with their flake bars, check it out if you haven't already, there is a brilliant chance you will win!

I got the lip gloss in 'Life on the A List' which is a pretty pale pink colour...

They sent with it a lovely leaflet, and the packaging is gorgeous!
The tube itself is very pretty and the colour looks beautiful...

In reality, the colour is a little less pink than it shows in the picture and its pretty sheer...

Its a pretty, soft colour but the formula- eughhhh.
Its sticky, its gloppy, it feels grainy on the lips-
basically everything I do not look for in a lip gloss!

But hey, it was free ;)
So who cares?

Have any of you tried this yet, did you like it??


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