I admit it
I am bad blogger
*Slaps hand!*

Sorry I've been so MIA this week, its been a hectic mix of homework, exams, revision, birthdays etc etc, and I'm still a bit of a stressy bessy because I have my actual Spanish speaking exam tomorrow, eekkk!

*BTW, if any of you out there speak Spanish does anyone know how you say 'It was', like describing something from the past, like 'Camping was horrible'? Sorry, I am absolutely useless at Spanish! :/*

Anyway the real reason I'm blogging is to ask the ground breaking question...
Which of these Barry M Dazzle Dusts do you recommend?

My larrrvveelly sister went out and got me the 80p copy of More magazine from WH Smiths yesterday, and in it it had a voucher for a free dazzle dust, yippee!

But now the major problem is, which colour?!?!

Dark Chocolate?

Old Gold?


Oyster Grey?



So my lovelies... which one?
Or are there any others you recommend??
Thank you for your amazing help in advance ;)

Have a great weekend!

Pictures from Barry M


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