Ahh I do love tag posts, thank you Caz for tagging me, sorry I'm so lazy and late doing this!

1. What shoe size are you?

Imma be a size 7/8 mostly, because I'm so tall! Which is awful because I can't wear these...

Without being a giant ;)

2. Where do you work?
I don't, I'm still at school in Year 10! I really need to get a job as soon as I turn 16, so I can fund my makeup addiction!

3. Favourite piece of clothing you own?
I seem to hate my clothes at the moment but... hmmm maybe my spotty dress from Primark?

4. Your favourite blog?

I have loads! I love every single blog I follow, but if I had to choose a few then:

5. Do you have any pets?

Nope, I have had around 7 goldfish in my life so far, and they all dies. Pets hate me :/

6. How many siblings do you have?

One, my big sister Sophie, who is obsessed with finding my blog! :)

Me and my bisterr :)

7. If you could live anywhere where would it be?

New York, it would be amazing to live in the sun and have the world at your fingertips!

8. What were you doing before this?

Trying to revise for my Spanish speaking test - Odio el espanol!

9. What’s your favourite food?

Pizza and chips and chocolate and cake and sweets and well.. anything really ;)

10. Do you have a middle name?

Catherine, after my Nan :)

11. Your favourite websites?

Facebook, Blogger, YouTube! When I Was younger I used to be obsessed with Neopets! So embarrassing!

Thank you for reading my lovelies! I tag all the people who I said were my favourite blogs, and anyone else who wants to do this! :)

images from weheartit


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