Is it just me, or is 2010 flying by!?

June!! Already?!!?
Oh well, time for some Ins and Outs, me thinks ;)


Summer, Summer, Summer!
(As I was writing that I accidentally started singing the 'summer summer summer' thing from High School Musical 2... obsessed or what??)
Summer is finally here, and although out of my window I see dreary clouds and grey sky, the sun was out full force earlier this week, I even have the sun burn to prove it!
Summer brings with it all sorts of fun, exciting things, including new sports, holidays and a tan!
Yesterday I went on a picnic with my friends, a great opportunity to eat ourselves silly and frolic around in the sun, chasing people in the woods! I ate a ridiculous amount of food...

Mmmmmm, nom nom nom!

80's Look!
Yep, that's right, I'm actually obsessed with the 80's makeup look-
Nude lips, huge hair, dark eyes- you name it, I'm doing it!
For nude lips in particular- Gosh Darling- my new love!
See last post ;)

Sex and the City!
I've recently discovered my love for Carrie and the gang on SATC. The shoes, the dresses, the men, I love it all. Everything seems so perfect in New York, I want to go there!
Wednesday is the best day this week, its when I'm going to see the new film, and I cannot wait!

Country Music
OK, I admit it, I am a huge fan of country music, and I'm not ashamed! :)
One word- Taylor Swift, well OK two :)
Taylor Swift is my idol, she is so amazing, and because I am such a country music keeno I have every single one of the songs she has ever written on my ipod!
After being Taylor Swift's number 1 fan for about a year now, I have recently discovered Carrie Underwood, another major country singer in America. I have to say I love love love love LOVE her music, and have downloaded about 10 of her songs already!


Exams :/
Stupid, stupid, stupid exams can go and die in a hole. I hate them, full stop.

With the sunshine comes one of my greatest problems- freckles!
Don't get me wrong, freckles look beautiful on some people, but on me I hate them! They lurk around all winter until the fist rays of sun touch my face and then *baammm*, there they are and no amount of foundation will ever cover them!

This year I have resolved to embrace my frecklyness and not try to cover them up, hmm lets see how that goes... :/

Does my school not realise that I have a life and do not want to spend every waking moment stressing about how much coursework I have to do! Eeeekkk! 

Sorry for the rants!!

Have a great June everyone! :):):)


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