OK, so right at this moment its poring it down, but don't be fooled, it is officially SUMMER! :D

So, this got me thinking that it was time to ditch the jeans, and whack out the good 'ole shorts! BUT, hold your horses there bloggettes! A simple pimple way to get amazing new summery shorts or crops is to cut up an old pair of winter jeans that are too short, too long or just generally not Mr Right in the jean world. So this is my attempt at updating my summer wardrobe with two pairs of neglected jeans...

2 pairs of poor unwanted jeans and a little snip snip snip...

And taaahh dahhh!!

Whoop, new summer jeans, for zero pennies and in only 5 mins!

Try it out my lovelies!

Have a great week!


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