It cameee!!
What came, you ask!??

Remember my ranting and raving about my absolute obsession with benefit products a few posties ago?
Weelllll, I gathered all my piggy bank pennies together and sifted though all the rubbish on eBay, until I found these little beauties...

Benefit Dandelion Blusher

Isn't it purrrttyyyy?

Just marvel at its beautifulness for a while! :)

I really really really really love this! Its so damn pretty and perfect and I can tell its going to be my must-have product this summer.

Its a gorgeous pinky, peachy, goldey (sorry I'm so unhelpful hehe) shade with flecks of shimmer running through it. I find it really warms up my complexion and looks beautiful worn in the sun, and it makes me sparkle- just like Edward Cullen, I always knew we were destined for each other haha ;)

I got this for a complete bargain of £10 including p&p from eBay, when it normally retails at £25!
Whoop! :)

Benefit Bad Gal Lash

After reading raves about this on soooo many blogs, I decided to give in to the hype and snatch this up for the absolutely ridiculous price of £4!
Bargain, or bargain?
I think bargain ;)

It really is a great product, although I did find the the wand was a little messy with too much product, I blotted it onto a tissue and off I went...
The wand really is huge, helping me to coat every single lash perfectly, and this was only with one coat.

Ho freaky is it that you can actually see my camera in my eye?!?

After layering it up to about 3 coats, my lashes looked even better, thick and long, and I really loved the effect this had on my lashes.
However, I do think that this is comparable to Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara, which you can get for a lot cheaper than this product (unless your a little bargain hunter like me of course ;))

I am so pleased with my new benefit lovelies, and will definitely be trying more things from the brand!
Thank you guys for all your help choosing these products by the way, your all little stars :)

Hope you enjoyed this...


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