Although most of this bank holiday weekend I spent with my nose inside a book, desperately trying to cram in a years worth of not paying attention in class into a few hours in preparation for my exams next week (whoops) I managed to spare a few hours this bank holiday to brave the unpredictable weather and go to the cinema, or the flicks as my mummy would call it haha :)

I went to see the film I've been desperate to see for months...

Dear John!

*Ahhh* Channing Tatum *Ahhh*

The film was great (hugely due to the fact that Tatum's character didn't wear a shirt for 80% of the movie) but also because it had a great story line and some parts were absolutely heartbreaking, nearly making me cry, although I never cry at movies.

The film has inspired me to go out and get the book that the movie was based on, as i loved it so much, has anyone read it, if so, what did you think??

Also heres a little piccie of my outfit...
(This is me trying to be summery while it is hailing outside, haha)

Cardigan £6
Top £4
Sandals £2
Bangle £2
ALL PRIMARK (haha, I'm obsessed)
Jeans (from my sister)
Necklace £8 Accessorise

The sandals probably weren't the best idea in the world... :)

I'd better get off and bury my head in a book again, yippee!
Thanks for reading, have a great week...

Love Hannah xxx


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