When the sun comes out, England goes into overdrive. There's bikini clad people hanging around on every corner, ice cream trucks rotate constantly and everyone seems to be obsessed with getting the most perfect tan around.
Including me... ;)

But sometimes the perfect tan is one of the most difficult problems, especially after months of my skin being neglected under mountains of woolly jumpers to keep out the cold cold winter. That's the beauty of England, how everything changes when there is the slightest bit of sunshine.

And this is a big but,
how DO you get the perfect tan?

Well... here is my fool-proof theory...
Step 1- Exfoliate!
Everyone knows that the key to success is preparation, so why change that when dealing with skin?
Exfoliating is the process of removing dry skin cells by buffing the surface of skin with granulated lotions. (Sorry for the science lesson (;)

Today, I discovered that my draw was severely lacking in exfoliating lotions, so I had to take matters into my own hands...

I know, I know, it looks like mushy yellow soup/sick but in reality it is a good ole' homemade exfoliator!
And how did I make this masterpiece/yellow mush, you ask?

Mix olive oil, sugar and a drop of vanilla extract together in a bowl, et voila! You have yourself your very own exfoliator!
You may also want to use some exfoliator gloves, mine were from the pound shop!

You can then apply this all over the body- bar the sensitive face area- to unveil lovely soft skin ready to be fake tanned!

Step 2- Moisturise
Moisturising with your favourite moisturiser will not only make your skin feel lush, but will also provide the perfect base for fake tan. Apply it all over the areas you want to tan, ensuring that it is rubbed in thoroughly...

This is my favourite misturisor, Boots Pure Honey Body Lotion. It smells amazing and leaves me with silky soft skin. :)
Now your ready for...
Step 3- Fake Tan

Choose your fake tan wisely.
Many a product on the market is destined to turn you into an umpa-lumpa, so be extra careful you choose one that you know will not turn you orange.

I use St Moriz, a ultra cheap dupe of St Tropez Tanning Mousse, and it can be bought in TG Hughes for around £3!

My ultra cheap method of applying it is to use a plastic bag.
Yes I know, your thinking- WHATTT?
But if you don't have a tanning mitt handy, a plastic sandwich bag will do the job just as well and keep your hands tango-free. Secure it with a hairband at the bottom to keep it in place and get tanning.

The most important thing to remember while tanning is rub, rub, rub it in! Don't stop rubbing until everything has been absorbed and is not streaky. Build up the colour slowly to ensure you don't go too dark and if you are using a tan like St Moriz, leave on to develop for around 5 or 6 hours!

And there you go, perfect tan (hopefully)!
I hope your tanning is going well, and no-one is tango-ed yet, it happens to all of us hehe! ;)

Hope you liked this and thanks for reading!


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