As previously mentioned, sorry if this post is a bit of a travel back in time kinda post, I wrote this a longggg time ago :)


Just the name makes me hyperventilate.

And the names 'Edward Cullen' and 'Jacob Black' make me positively faint.

Throw in 'shirtless' and I'l never wake up again.

That's right, yesterday was the day, Eclipse premiere day!

Me being the total Twi-hard that I am, I went to see one of the previews down at my local cinema, and I was falling of my chair in excitement!

The movie was amazing, and the sight of Taylor Lautner shirtless actually made one of my friends have a screaming fit...

Who wouldn't ehh? ;)

Although of course, I am the ultimate Edward fan...

eeekkk, why does he have to be so damn gorgeous??

But which one of these boys would you go for? Are you Team Jacob, or Team Edward, or maybe even a little Team Emmett??



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