Helloo my lovelies :)

The beautiful Vivianna tagged me to do this post ages ago, but me being disorganised me, I've only just got sound to it.

The tag is a challenge, only use 5 products to do your makeup. For some of you you may be thinking, 'Challenge? How is that a challenge?', whereas others may be shrieking in horror. I , of course, fall into the latter category. The more time I have in the mornings, the more slap I seem to shovel on through utter boredom, so maybe streamlining my makeup routine isn't a bad idea? Here's my attempt...

I used...

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo
Maxfactor Masterpiece Max Mascara
Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal
Benefit Bad Gal Liner
ELF Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter

OK, OK, I may have cheated a little by choosing multi-tasking products, but hey, I'm a rebel ;)

I'm actually surprised at how normal I look with just 5 products on my face, maybe I don't need as much makeup as I think? I'm also a bit shocked at how difficult it was not to cheat, and it made me realise how obsessed I actually am with my makeup, ohh dear :/

I tag everyone but especially these amazing ladies...

No cheating girliess ;)


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