Jezz, tags seem to be the only thing I'm doing at the moment! Don't worry, I'll be getting down to some proper posts for you ASAP!

Thank you to the lovely Justine for tagging me for the Three Things Tag!

Three names I go by



3.Hannah Bananananana :)

Three places I have lived

1. England, though and though, I've never moved :)

Three favourite drinks

1. Orange Juice- I'm slightly obsessive about my morning orange juice!

2. Hot chocolate avec whipped cream and marshmallows of course!

3. Orange and Passion fruit J2O, mmmmm nom nom nom...

Three TV shows I watch

1. Vampire Diaries, I am literally obsessed, mmmm Damon Salvatore, yumm yumm ;)

2. Big Brother! I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the whole Josie and John James situation, I've even lowered myself to actually staying up after midnight just to watch it live- oh dear :/

3. One Tree Hill, another one of my many television obsessions, but it has everything you could every want, and Jamie is like the cherry on top!

Three places I have been

1. Spain, many times!

2. Disneyland, ahh it really is magical there!

3. Cornwall- hehe, I'm so exotic!

Three places I would like to visit

1. New York, just to shop, shop, shop.

2. Australia- My uncle lives there and it sounds amazing, I want to go and visit!

3. Italy- ever since I've was little I've had a weird obsession with going to Italy, it would be amazing to fulfill a life long dream, hehe :)

Three people who text me regularly

1. Rho-rho

2. Jessiieeee, my buffle!

3. Frankie

Three Favourite Old TV Shows

1. Brum- Ahhh the days when I was riveted by the day to day goings on of a mini car ...

2. Art Attact- This programm inspired me to get all 'creative' , me and my grandad loved making all the different things :)

3. Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat!

Three Favorite Dishes

1. Chips!

2. Pizza!

3. Chocolate- Damn I'm healthy, nom nom nom nom!

Three makeup products I cannot live without

1. Mascara- I would look like the dead without this miracle product!

2. Concealor, what would I do without it?

3. Lipstick, I love lipstick, the colours, the consistency, the amazingness of it :)

Three Things I'm Looking Forward to

1. Finishing my GCSE's, almost a whole year to go :(

2. My holiday to Spain at the end of summer, yayy! 

3. Christmas, I already havea list of things I want as long as I am!

Three favourite films

1. The Notebook

2. Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse - I really am a Twi- Hard!

3. The Dark Knight

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Hehe, thanks for reading my rambling, I tag all of my beautiful followers to do this is you would like :)


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