I say a wee haul, but really it only contains 2 items, much to my disappointment. After my recent slog on the train into Westfields Shopping center and trekking up and down into every shop available, I only managed to buy 2 things, TWO THINGS!! It was one of those days where nothing jumps out at you and you are completely at a loss as to what to buy, so freaking annoying!

I was so disappointed that I had to go and drool at the MAC counters and was extremely tempted to buy about 50 things. Of course, I restrained myself, and did not return with any MAC products and no serious dent in my bank balance, yayy! But also no Mac things to play with, boooo!

Anyway the couple of tops I did pick up are these...

This floral tank top was from Pull & Bear, which is such a cute shop I discovered yesterday. It has amazing clothes for amazing prices, this was only £7.99! Its so pretty and perfect for summer days, and the pattern is so sweet!

This is from New Look Children's department, hehe. I really am still a 5 year old at heart! At only £10, this was a complete bargain for a crop top and I love the flamingo pattern, its so cute! :D

That's it with my minuscule haul! Have a great week bloggies!


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