This week I've been on Work Experience at Marks & Spencer. Completely boring and tiring, but also, strangely fun at the same time, as I was working with one of my friends, Pip.

Woo hoo, my own uniform and name badge! How could it get any better?? ;)

I loved being in town everyday, but me having lunchtimes and after work free and being surrounded by all my favourite shops was not a good combination for my depleting bank balance. It seems I have zero will power when it come to bargains, which is why I've got a humongous haul for you, my lovelies :)

So, first up Primarni, oh I do love it in there!

I snapped up this gorgeous dolly bow and pearl stripey dress for £6, eekkkk, so pretty...

...and this gorgeous bracelet, for £1.50, GO Primark! :)

How sweet is this owl necklace?!?? I love how kitch it is, and such a bargain at £2.

I also picked up this £2 Primark mascara, just to try it out against the more expensive brands. I must say that is not actually terrible, as expected, but an average mascara. Although, I doubt I'll be picking this over Max Factor anytime soon :)

Another bargain of the week were these £8 beautiful nude pumps with little gold studs all over, so purtyyyy ;)

Some of Primark's new summer bikinis are absolutely stunning, and this metallic £7 one with studs is no exception :)

And finally, these pretty little hair slides for £1.50.

That's it for Primark, wow looking at all of these I realise how obsessed I really am, whoops ;)

Now onto the Pound Shop, where I found this little bargain...

Rimmel London Eye Liner in Brown, and Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Lineer in Purple. I really like both of these liners, and am so excited to finally own a purple eye liner, me thinks purple EOTD's will be coming up soon;)

Similarly, in the 99p Shop I found a couple of cheapies...

Dive summer Glow, for perfectly tanned legs and Shockwaves gloss Booster Spray,, for sheeny shiny hair, now I'm ready for summer ;)

Next up is Superdrug, the best shop in the world... ;)
Is it bad I am instantly happy when walking into Superdrug, it feels like my home now, I've been in it so much this week? Teeheee...

I picked up this for just 59p! :O

While in Superdrug, I couldn't resist this Sleek Lipgloss for £4, its just so pretty. I have to say I am extremely disappointed in this. It's unbelievably sticky, meaning that when tossing my hair, I get a mouthful of hair, not attractive :|

Of course, while at the Sleek counter, I couldn't resist this palette in 'Storm' which I have been lusting after forever! The colours are beautiful, highly pigmented and just plain stunning. I feel a review coming on soon! ;)

And finally, from Boots...

Natural Collection lipstick in Rose Petal, a gorgeous peachy pink colour...

...and Natural Collection Waterguard Mascara in Black, which I think is essential for those summer water fights, so I'll be testing the 'waterproofy-ness' of this soon... :)

I also got this unbelievably beautiful 17 lipstick in the shade 'dreamy'...

And I have to say it really is dreamy. Its the perfect barbie pink, and I think I'm in love ;)

That's the end of my little MASSIVE haul ;)

Well done to those people who got this far, thanks for reading my rambles!

Have a great week guys! :)


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