Its summer, its hot, and with water fights on every corner you need to be prepared for all potentially disastrous situations, mascara-wise. We've all been there, sopping wet with mascara trails running down your cheeks, wishing you'd had thought of waterproof mascara before it was too late.

If your looking for a cheap waterproof mascara then Natural Collection Waterguard may be exactly what you need. At only £1.99 its one of the most inexpensive mascaras on the market, but does it actually live up to its 'waterproof' claims? Lets see...

The 'before' shot
The mascara applied well, it left my lashes reasonably clump free, if a little 'spidery', although already exceeded my expectations of a £2 mascara!

Be prepared for freaky image coming up... :/

Hah! Waterproof, my bum!
This was the 'after' shot, after I had rubbed my eyes with water!
Sorry for the freaky, dead eyes, but of course this mascara is not waterproof. They lied I say, they lied! ;)

Oh well, not too bad for £2 I guess! Maybe not the best waterproof mascara ever, but if you don't really need a 100% waterproof, the actual formula isn't too bad!

Anyone know of any mascaras that are cheap, but also perfectly waterproof? :)



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